Helping Small Biz to Grow Brand, Sales and Digitize Work

NextGen hybrid consulting to help small businesses build brand awareness, attract and convert leads to sales with minimal add-on costs

Grow Sales & Scale Ops

Grow brand and organic sales via web, mobile, social & Big Media

  • Define target audience(s)
  • Develop brand message
  • Communicate brand message
  • Attract leads
  • Convert qualified leads to sales
Analytics AIML Save Money min

Save Money

Get the expertise of major corporations at price a small biz can afford

  • Flat monthly fee option
  • Low cost hourly rate
  • Small business budget options
  • Fortune 500 consulting expertise
  • Over 90 years founder experience
Analytics AIML Digitize Small Business

Digitize Work

Digitize workflow to scale Sales & Ops with minimal costs

  • Use Agile, Lean & Six Sigma
  • Streamline workflow
  • Digitize and automate work where appropriate
  • Power with AI and machine learning
  • Keep human in the loop
azure machine learning
Google AI

Analytics AI & ML: Bigger than the Internet!

AI Machine Learning will power IIOT, Industry 4.0 and Web / Mobile Sales Growth

Why Analytics AIML? $50 Trillion (McKinsey)

McKinsey values AI impact at up to $50T and research firm IDC expects AI revenues to grow from $8B (2016) to over $47B by 2020. AI will be bigger than Internet and is the Next Industrial Revolution according to Andy Rubin, creator of Android which runs on nearly 9 out of 10 mobile devices around the world.

Analytics AIML offers Website designing, SEO, Lean Six Sigma, Data Analytics, Business & Tech Consulting for Small Biz in Tampa, Don’t Miss! Call us today: 813-444-9626

If you missed the Internet, don’t miss AI! Use AI-enabled marketing and sales analytics to increase qualified sales leads, lower acquisition costs and delight and retain customers.

Small and medium businesses (SMEs) will not want to miss out on their share of the $1.1 trillion AI-enabled CRM market.

  1. improve lead generation
  2. score sales leads
  3. improve lead conversion
  4. accelerate sales cycle
  5. get more repeat and referral business

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Why Choose Us?


Low cost, scale-as-you-grow options make our solutions affordable and accessible for small and medium businesses, non profits and frugal enterprises.


Leave all of the academic theory and confusing tech jargon to others. Instead we use proven examples, analogies and common language to make the complex stuff simple and understandable to everyone.

Proven Experience

SME and enterprise business solutions built by small business owners — us! So Analytics AI-ML understands the challenges you face. More importantly, we have tested and refined our ideas and put them into practical use. Our team brings over 60 years of experience with IBM, Sallie Mae, Express Scripts, Motorola and the US Air Force.