About Us

About Analytics AIML

We are Analytics AIML, your partner in Process Improvement/Innovation, Analytics, AI and Machine Learning (AI-ML). We believe that optimized processes are the foundation of operational excellence, compliance and innovative problem-solving that benefits society. That’s why we couple over 30 years of experience with a powerful combination of a centralized process repository and AI-driven optimization tools, powered by our partnership with ProcessPro.

The Challenges We Solve

  • Disjointed and Suboptimal Processes: We help you break down silos, connecting processes across departments for greater efficiency and visibility.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Our solutions ensure your processes meet the latest standards, simplifying compliance in highly regulated industries such as the FDA.
  • Knowledge Loss and Bottlenecks: We centralize critical knowledge and use AI insights to pinpoint bottlenecks, optimizing your workflows.

Who We Serve

Analytics AIML specializes in process-driven industries, including:

  • Healthcare (Pharma, Med-Device, Biologics, Labs, Hospitals)
  • Manufacturing
  • Supply Chain
  • Technology

We empower process innovators, business owners, and process managers to transform operations.

What Makes Us Different

  • People-First:  Using proven Organizational Change Leadership Methods, we invest in people.
  • Centralized Process Hub: One platform for process documentation, optimization, and improvement with the ability to rapidly and visually map Current State and analyze root causes of desired Future State to create it.
  • AI-Powered Insights: We harness AI to help map processes, analyze root causes, brainstorm potential solutions for greater compliance and efficiency gains, saving you time and resources.
  • Deep Expertise: Our team combines problem-solving and process improvement (First Principles Thinking, Lean Six Sigma, Design Thinking, 40 Principles of TRIZ) with cutting-edge technology for maximum impact.
  • ProcessPro Partnership: We leverage ProcessPro’s proven BPM and Knowledge Hub platform to deliver powerful results.
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frank shines stroud

Frank Shines

President, Co-Founder

Frank Shines is the President and Co-Founder of Analytics AIML. A former VP of CCS Medical, Frank is an award-winning business and technology consultant with Ernst & Young, Pilgrim Quality Solutions and IBM. He has flown Air Force jets and trained with Olympic athletes. Mr. Shines serves as the family spokesperson for the Colorado College Stroud Scholars and is the producer of the upcoming documentary, “Running to Harvard,” and “RACE, the Opera.”

Umer Qureshi

Umer Qureshi

Chief Technology Officer, Co-Founder

Umer Qureshi is our chief technology and analytics expert who leads the IT and data driven services for our clients at Analytics AI-ML. Mr. Qureshi holds a Masters of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering and is trained and self-taught in several software programming languages. Umer mentors and inspires at-risk youth in his spare time.