Grow Online Sales with Web & Mobile Marketing – The Digital Jewelry Story

Growing online sales is now a concern for every business. Learn how we helped Digital Jewelry,
a USA based company to grow their online sales by web & mobile marketing.

Digital Jewelry is the leading custom jewelry manufacturer and designer in the USA. They couple 21st century digital technology with 19th century Italian craftsmanship to ensure the highest quality. The company’s founders with more than 100 years of jewelry expertise, handed down through the generations, are are the sons and daughters of an Italian craftsman and artisan who came to America through Ellis Island, NY in the 1940’s with a vision of fulfilling “The American Dream”. Seventy years (70) later that vision still exists — but now with a global presence. The Company believes in relentless hard work, patience, perseverance and a focus on customers. These values and principles have been passed down to the brothers and sisters from their father, Ivo Colucci. These personal ethics and standards form the foundation of company’s mission statement.

Growing Online Sales - Digital Jewelry

Growing Online Sales – Digital Jewelry

Growing Online Sales for Digital Jewelry

An year ago the company reached out to AnalyticsAIML with a request to update the their website.

The challenge was to design an eye-catching and responsive website with an online store where people could purchase by PC desktop, Mac or mobile device.

We started off designing their website on the WordPress platform, which is one the best content management systems (CMS) on the market, complete with:

  • user-friendly features that did not require computer coding
  • numerous website design options and flexibility, stemming from its wide range of third-party plugins
  • powerful SEO capabilities required to drive traffic to the website
  • responsive website for all devices (mobile, desktop, laptop, tablets etc.)

After two weeks of hard work we were able to complete the website. Digital Jewelry’s full product line was available via an online display, to include full e-commerce purchasing for the existing clients. To better manage client relationships, we recommended they integrate the WordPRess website with a powerful yet affordable customer relationship management (CRM) system called Zoho. They agreed and we moved forward. Zoho provides a single database of all client touch points, much like Salesforce. It include the ability to capture website sales leads and manage them through your marketing campaigns and sales funnel.We are now working with Digital Jewelry on website maintenance and search engine optimization, which brings visitors to its website.

As part of our SEO services, we have set up Google website verification, which adds credibility and trust to the site. Additionally, we have installed the Yoas plug-in, considered one of the top SEO optimization tools on the market . Finally we provided coaching on all SEO fundamentals as well as advanced methods for growing website traffic and converting it to sales.

With Digital Jewelry’s website optimized, we have turned our attention to content management. The key to growing a base of relevant website visitors, is to provide them with useful and meaningful content. So we helped to create a blog and develop a keywords strategy that focused the content development effort. Finally, we invested time in researching and analyzing best practices for their industry and completing a competitive intelligence assessment. This led us to integrate and align the blog content with Digital Jewelry’s social media sites.

With Zoho, website forms are integrated with Zoho CRM to easily manage each lead and convert it to sales. Zoho helps in managing all sales very easily along with providing a data base for all clients. Now Digital Jewelry’s Operations are running smoothly.

Keyword Analysis: Increased Traffic & Leads Coming In

We have increased their website traffic through a deep competitor analysis, Google adwords and Google trends analysis for keywords. We then added relevant content on their website along with social media and Google adwords campaign to give more exposure of site to users.

2017 was a good year for Digital Jewelry, as they got a new responsive fast loading website along with leads coming in. Demand for their custom championship rings is increasing because of the exposure. They are ranking on Google page 1-2 for “custom championship rings” and related keywords in the USA.

Quality Content Helped in Getting Traffic & Kept Motivated

Coming on Google’s top pages for their key terms like jewelry manufacturers in USA etc has kept them motivated. These results showed why search engine optimization and social media marketing is important. Additionally, we added pages for each product and their categories, so users can easily find the product with details like fantasy football rings. This created new content, focused for relevant keywords and the result started coming through in terms of leads (quotes).

They are now constantly adding content (blog posts) to their website, doing social media marketing and keeping website error free to ensure best results.

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